Fruit tartare. Culinary recipe.

To decorate:
black sesame and cinnamon.

Method of cooking.
Evaporate the coconut milk over low heat. About 300 g will be obtained from 70 g. Add sugar and mix.

Cut the peeled mango very finely and put it in a heart-shaped form (tartare). If the mango is hard, then the dessert will not work.

Chop the ripe strawberries finely, almost into a puree. Spoon it into another form. Place them on the plate according to the intended composition.

Carefully remove the forms, trying not to destroy the fruit composition.

Now, with the help of a knife, finely chop the pistachios and almond flakes.

Pour the dessert with evaporated coconut milk using a tablespoon. Milk should flow beautifully from the dessert. Sprinkle the strawberry heart with chopped almonds, and the mango heart with pistachios. We use strawberries to decorate the dish. Cut hearts out of it using an ordinary small knife or a carving knife. Decorate with mint leaves, sprinkle with nuts and cinnamon. Dessert is ready!

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