He from fish – a recipe for a dish with a photo.

Very quickly and easily, you can prepare a wonderful snack – heh from fish, a classic recipe. This dish has a pleasant harmonious taste, it is suitable both as an independent dish for the festive table and for an everyday salad with potatoes or rice. It can be made sharp or not very sharp. It depends on your preferences.

any fresh or frozen fish – 350 g;
onion – 135 g;
carrots – 135 g;
sweet red pepper – 65 g;
garlic – 15 g;
vegetable oil – 30 g;
soy sauce – 50 g;
vinegar 9% — 50 g;
salt – 5 g;
sugar – 10 g;
coriander, paprika, ground red pepper, cilantro, black pepper – as desired.

The cooking process heh.

First, separate the fillet from the fish and remove the large bones, if any. Then remove the skin if it is thick. You can take a ready-made fillet in the store.

Then thinly cut the fillet into strips. If it does not turn out evenly, you can freeze it slightly, and then cut it. Place in a plate. Add salt and vinegar, mix well. Leave for two hours to marinate.

Grate carrots on a Korean grater. If you don’t have it, chop the carrots into fine shavings.

Do the same with onion and sweet pepper. Cut the onion into rings, pepper into strips.

Lightly fry the onion in hot oil. Do not bring to a yellow crust, let it remain soft and transparent.

Squeeze the fish with your hands, drain the water. Put all the prepared ingredients there: onion, carrot, pepper. Add garlic, sugar, sauce and any other spices as desired. Stir. Leave it in the refrigerator for a day so that all the ingredients soak in the marinade, although the dish can be eaten immediately.

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