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Salted herring 1 pc.
Potatoes 5 pcs.
Chicken eggs 2 pcs.
Beetroot 2 pcs.
Apple cider vinegar 2 tbsp. l.
Onion 1 pc.
Carrot 1 pcs.
Mayonnaise 8 st. l.

Method of cooking:
Prepare all the necessary ingredients. You will need lightly salted herring, potatoes, beets, carrots, onions.

Boil potatoes, beets and carrots in their coats. Hard boil the eggs. Clean up

Cut the onion into small cubes and marinate in vinegar.

Clean the herring and cut the fillet into small cubes.

Cover the cutting board with cling film. Rub the beets on the cling film as the first layer. Level the boards by size. Cover the beets on top with another piece of cling film and lightly press with your hands over the entire area of ​​the roll. Then remove the film.

Spread a layer of beets with mayonnaise.

Rub the potatoes with a second layer on top of the beets. Spread the potatoes with mayonnaise.

Next, grate the carrots.

Grate the eggs on top of the carrots. Spread the layer with mayonnaise.

In the middle of the future roll, put pieces of herring and finely chopped onions.

Take the edges of the film from both sides and roll up the roll. Put the roll in a film in a cold place for 1-2 hours.

Carefully transfer the roll to a dish, remove the film and decorate.

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