Holiday Princess salad with peas. Recipe of the dish.

Today we are preparing a very tasty salad for the festive table. The recipe for this salad was born in the process of my imagination in my favorite kitchen. My family really liked it. The salad turns out to be very tasty and festive, it is not a shame to serve such a dish to guests.

4 pcs. potatoes;
4 eggs;
4 pcs. small pickled cucumbers;
120 g of hard cheese (any);
1 can of peas (small);
5 Art. l. mayonnaise;
salt, black pepper to taste.

We first boil the potatoes in their coats, peel them, cool them and grate them on a coarse grater. She also grated cucumbers and hard-boiled eggs on a coarse grater, grated cheese on a fine grater, drained the juice from the peas.

Salad preparation process.

Put half of the potatoes on the first layer and then level it well with a spoon. As you may have noticed, I use a ring from a baking pan. It is very easy and simple to make a salad with such a ring, it turns out smooth, presentable and there are no problems. Be sure to close the form with a lock. A little salt and pepper.

Spread with 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise.

The next layer is eggs. I add half an egg and level everything well with a spoon, add a little salt and pepper.

The next layer is cheese. We add half, you can use absolutely any. Mash the cheese well with a spoon. Hard cheese can be replaced with processed cheese.

Next, add half of the grated cucumbers. Instead of pickled gherkins, you can also use pickled mushrooms. It will also be very tasty. Level everything with a spoon. Do not grease this layer with mayonnaise.

We repeat the layers. We start again with potato, then egg, cheese and cucumber.

We smear the last layer with mayonnaise. We level everything well so that the layers are even and beautiful.

Put the peas on top. Carefully level.

We send the salad to the refrigerator for about 1-3 hours. Then we will remove the ring. We open the lock and return the form, remove.

Well, our salad is ready. It remains to decorate it with grated cheese.

On top, I lay out roses that I made from cherry tomatoes.

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