Holiday salad for Valentine s Day – a recipe with a photo

Today I want to share with you a recipe for an unusual salad dedicated to Valentine’s Day (or as it is also called – Valentine’s Day).

beef – 150 g;
red beans – 100 g;
large fresh carrots – 300 g;
pickled cucumbers – 200 g;
onion – 1 pc.;
smoked grayling – 150 g;
rice – 75 g;
mayonnaise – 400 g;
chicken eggs – 5 pc.;
pomegranates – for decoration;
beetroot juice – 200 ml;
greens for decoration – 1 bunch.

Salad preparation process.

Prepare all the ingredients for the meat and fish salad (our dish will be 2 in 1).

For meat, all the selected ingredients should be boiled until fully cooked, if there is such a need (I am talking about beef and chicken eggs), finely cut or grated on a fine grater, so that it is easier to lay them in layers. Beans should be soaked overnight and then boiled until fully cooked the next day. For greater convenience, you can buy ready-made canned beans in cans. And onions need to be cut and marinated for both salads.

Prepare all the ingredients for the fish salad. Since women prefer meat to fish, then, as in my version, the fish is smoked grayling. It is not greasy, very tasty and will give the necessary taste notes that we need. And accordingly, fish goes best with rice. All the ingredients should also be boiled, if they need it, cleaned and finely chopped with a knife or grated.

Next, we draw the contours of future hearts with mayonnaise on the chosen dish.

And we begin to lay out all the ingredients that are intended specifically for each salad along these contours. You can lay out the layers of ingredients at your discretion and desire. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that the fish should lie on the rice, and the meat should be placed next to the pickled onions.

And also – in order for our salad to be juicy and saturated, almost every layer needs to be smeared with mayonnaise. This is also necessary so that the layers are fastened together and do not fall apart.

After we have laid out all the available ingredients in layers in their places, it is time to start decorating the salads. And let’s start by putting the top layer on the salads. To do this, take two hard-boiled chicken eggs, separate the yolk from the white and grate them separately with a grater.

Now let’s decorate each salad with a part of the chicken egg. I managed to decorate the fish part of the salad with egg yolk, and the meat part of the salad with grated protein.

To make the salad look more finished, it needs to be edged. For these purposes, I chose molds in the form of hearts and cut out the required number of bright hearts from boiled carrots.

And also for a clearer edging, I used pomegranate seeds.

Well, it remains to add the main symbol of love and loyalty, which has proven itself among us, to decorate salads – two swans. They are made quite simply, with the help of a small knife and a drop of effort. And, accordingly, from two chicken eggs, hard-boiled and pieces of boiled carrot, for each swan. I have included a photo of the parts below.

How to paint eggs? I just put them in the beetroot juice while the main course was cooking. To do this, I twisted the raw beet in a meat grinder, squeezed the beet juice out of it and put chicken eggs in it. They were immediately colored on top. All that remains is to decorate the salad with greens and put the finished dish in the refrigerator

The salad turns out tall, beautiful, romantic. Bon appetit!

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