Holiday salad Golden fish. Salad preparation.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking about what salad I’ll make for the New Year. Of course, there will be a “fur coat” and “Olivier”. But I really want something new! So I improvised a little, and this is what came out.

potato – 2 pc.;
carrot – 1 pc.;
small onion – 1 pc.;
sweet and sour apple – 1 pc.;
beetroot – 1 pcs.;
slightly salted herring – 1 jar of 160 g;
mayonnaise – 150 g;
dill greens for decoration – 3 sprigs;
citric acid – a small pinch;
salt for cooking potatoes – to taste.

Preparation of festive salad Golden fish.

I needed these products for the salad.

There is a sweet and sour apple in this salad. It added freshness and novelty to the salad (at least for me). And the onion is not very noticeable. First, I boiled potatoes, carrots and beets. Got a cold So that the beets did not lose their color, I immediately took them out of the pot, placed them under a stream of cold water, and then put them in the refrigerator so that they would cool down completely.

By the way, I did the same with carrots. I usually use a whole herring for salad and clean it myself. But this time, it was not available in the nearest stores, so I bought it in a jar – already cleaned. I cut a little.

Cut the cooled potatoes into small pieces.

I grated carrots on a medium grater.

Finally, she grated the apple along with the skin. So that it does not darken too much, I lightly sprinkled it with citric acid and mixed it.

Now she began to collect salad. She took a flat dish. I laid out potatoes in the shape of a fish.

I poured onions on the potatoes and pressed them down a little.

I laid out an apple. Its juice will make the onion less bitter and marinate it at the same time.

She put chopped herring on top of the apple.

Herring covered with beetroot. Corrected the shape of the fish, and at the same time removed the crumbs from the dish around the salad.

I put some more mayonnaise.

And as the last layer, I put carrots.

It remains only to decorate the fish. I made her eyes with peppercorns. And she painted the scales with mayonnaise. She “planted algae” from dill around the fish. I got such a fish. In order for the salad to soak well, I put it in the refrigerator until the next day.

Very tasty salad! Happy New Year holidays!

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