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For one hamburger:
3 slices of bread for the toaster
1 thin slice of bacon
2 thin slices of hamburger cheese
1 egg
1 piece of chicken breast fillet
1 fresh tomato
1 pickled cucumber
3-4 large salad leaves
ketchup, mayonnaise
salt pepper

Beat the chicken fillet, salt, pepper and fry on both sides. When the fillet is almost ready, fry an egg in the same pan (break it with a fork).

Place a slice of bacon and cheese on 2 pieces of bread and heat in the microwave (these will be the top and bottom — the bottom and lid of the hamburger).

Next, we lay out all the ingredients in layers, as you like: for example, the bottom piece of bread with bacon and cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup, lettuce, mayonnaise again, slices of tomato and cucumber, egg, sauce again, a piece of bread, sauce, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, sauce, chicken breast, lettuce, top slice of bread with bacon and cheese. We spread the sauce a little at a time, or if you like more, then to taste.

Done! Now we are trying to bite it so that it does not fall apart.

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