Homemade cheese with dill. Culinary recipe.

Milk – 2 liters,
Red pepper – 1 pc.,
Sour cream – 400 g,
Egg – 4 pcs.,
Salt – a full tablespoon,
Dill is a bundle.

Method of cooking:
Beat sour cream with eggs until smooth.
Boil the milk, then add all the salt, make a small fire and slowly pour the sour cream-egg mixture in a very thin stream.

Cook for a few minutes until cheese flakes form, add diced pepper and finely chopped greens to the cheese.

Put it on a sieve with cheesecloth and let the whey drain, and then put it under the press.

The whey is also delicious.

After a couple of hours, the homemade cheese can be cut into pieces and eaten with tea.

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