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ice cream maker,
50 g of milk (2,5-3%),
350 g of cream (20-25%),
45-50 g of dry milk,
vanilla – a pinch,
one yolk
100 g of sugar,
50 g of chocolate.

How to make homemade chocolate ice cream.

Put all the ingredients for the ice cream: cream, milk, milk powder, one yolk, all the sugar and vanilla at once in a medium saucepan with a sufficiently thick bottom.

Put on medium heat and mix the milk mixture well with an ordinary electric mixer. Increase revolutions gradually from small to large.

When all the products are evenly and well mixed. Let’s leave the pan on a low heat and, constantly stirring with a large spoon, brew the beaten yolk. It’s very quick and easy. The main thing here is that the pan has a thick bottom.

The moment of stopping the brewing will be visible to the eye, this is when the mixture has thickened well. You can, in order not to doubt, continue to heat the milk mixture for another couple of minutes from the moment of a noticeable change in the consistency of the mixture. Basically, we will have a kind of custard.

Put the pan with the cooked cream-yolk mixture in a container with cold water. Do not stop stirring. So cool the contents of the pan to room temperature.

Pour the cooled cream mixture into an ice cream bucket.

Without turning off the cooling, whip the ice cream with a regular mixer, also increasing the revolutions.

Beat until the volume of ice cream doubles.

Let the ice cream cool completely and thicken.

At this time, grate the chocolate. It is good if the chocolate is at room temperature. Pre-frozen chocolate electrifies and sticks to everything during grinding.

Pour small portions of grated chocolate into the thickened ice cream through the technological opening.

Next, cool the ice cream until the paddles stop.

Put the finished ice cream in the freezer to harden for a couple of hours.

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