Homemade seaweed salad – salad recipe.

A dish that is always a favorite in our house is seaweed salad. Today I will share three secrets: how to make purchased cabbage (not canned) soft and tasty, how to make a form for forming a salad in a plate and how to make salad dressing without purchased mayonnaise.

seaweed – in any amount;
any jar of canned fish;
a pack of crab sticks or seafood (200-250 g).

For the filling:
3 eggs;
150 ml of corn oil;
1-2 st. spoons of lemon juice;
2 pinches of salt;
a pinch of sugar;
75 g of hard cheese.

Step-by-step salad preparation.

If you have sea cabbage from a can (canned) among the ingredients, then proceed immediately. If purchased by weight, then the instructions will be useful. Usually, such cabbage is hard (difficult to chew) and even the sand on the teeth sometimes crunches. It should be washed for several minutes under running water. And for softness, pour boiling water and boil for 3-4 minutes, or simply keep in hot water for up to 10 minutes. When boiling, part of the sea salt will go and the sand will sink to the bottom. After cooking, rinse once more, but not as usual, but use a fork or tongs to take the salad out of the pot into a colander and only then rinse – at the bottom of the sand, which should remain unchanged there.

In nature, cabbage grows with huge wavy leaves with thickening towards the center and a thin part towards the edges. They cut it into long strips, which is not very convenient to use.

If you got raw sea cabbage from the market already soft, it means that you cannot store it for a long time and ask the seller to show the date of manufacture and expiration date. Don’t be afraid to try the salad at the market.

So, put the boiled and washed cabbage in a colander, let it drain, then put it on a board and cut it into small pieces (about the size of noodles). This is not a necessary step, but it will be easier to eat, you will not have to wind it on a fork like Italian spaghetti.

Take the crab sticks you like. I like them better frozen and prefer them to chilled ones. I cut them like a sausage – slightly diagonally into rings. You can also cut into cubes if you want or into straws.

Choose fish in a tall jar and in oil (or with the addition of oil – not so fatty). It can be mackerel, tuna, sardine, sardinella, saury. Remember that mackerel has a characteristic flavor that can change the taste of the entire salad. Saira is the fattest of the listed fish. Tuna is dietary. Sardine sardinella is the cheapest option.

Drain the oil. It can be used for dressing or for other dishes. Carefully break each fish into two parts with a fork along the spine.

Then carefully remove the bone. It is soft, but it is not needed at all in a salad. You can do it with your hands, but use a fork.

Break the fish with a fork, but do not press, let it remain in pieces. Also, mussels (boiled-frozen) or shrimps, bought in the shell and cleaned by yourself, will feel great in this salad. Sea cabbage is suitable for absolutely any seafood, anything you like.

All three ingredients for preparing the salad are ready. It remains to prepare the dressing, add and mix gently.

Prepare mayonnaise (you can view the recipe on our website). Add a couple of finely ground eggs and shredded cheese to it. A blender is suitable for this. Just mayonnaise is enough, but the filling of boiled eggs and cheese will make the mass even thicker, more nutritious and tastier.

And now it was the turn of the can, which contained fish for salad. If you don’t have a jar, cut the middle from the plastic bottle exactly to the size of the jar. It turns out a mold for shaping salads, mashed potatoes or pilaf into a beautiful shape. Place the washed mold in the center of the plate.

Fill with ready-made salad to the very top. By the way, you can put boiled rice with the addition of butter on the bottom, a layer of about 1 cm.

Carefully remove the workpiece so as not to break the integrity of the salad shape.

Now it remains only to decorate and serve! By the way, if you chop the cabbage smaller, add mayonnaise, garlic and canned food mashed with a fork, you will get an excellent basis for preparing crab rolls. Unroll the sticks, lay out the salad, wrap and cut. Really very tasty!

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