Homemade vanilla pudding. Pudding recipe

milk – 600 ml;
sugar – 40 g;
sugar with real vanilla – 1 tsp;
egg yolks – 2 pcs.;
potato (or corn) starch – 40 g.

Homemade vanilla pudding is a very simple and delicious dessert. I used to make a classic store-bought pudding, where you just boil milk with powder, stir, and that’s it. I have to admit that it saves time and money – I have no doubts about that. However, when I tried to make this homemade pudding based on milk, egg yolks, sugar with real vanilla and potato starch, there was no turning back. I invite you to taste!

The process of making homemade pudding.

  1. Pour milk (450 ml) into a small saucepan and cook over low heat. Pour the remaining milk (150 ml) into a separate container. Add potato starch (40 g), white sugar (40 g), sugar with real vanilla (1 flat teaspoon) and egg yolks (from two large eggs). If you have very small eggs, use three yolks instead of two. Instead of sugar with real vanilla, you can use a little vanilla paste or add seeds from half a vanilla pod.

Cooking time: 30 minutes
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Kitchen: Ukrainian
Description: Homemade vanilla pudding – recipe with step-by-step photos

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