Hot sandwiches for a snack – a quick recipe

What to cook for a quick tasty snack? And prepare these hearty and tasty, hot sandwiches with potatoes. The taste is incredible, and they are prepared very quickly!

Today we will prepare very hearty and tasty hot sandwiches with potatoes. Such sandwiches can be prepared when you want a quick snack. In addition, they are prepared from products that are always at home.

bread – 1/2 loaf;
egg – 1 pc.;
onion – 1 pcs.;
fresh potatoes – 4 pcs.;
ground black pepper;
oil for frying.

The process of making hot sandwiches for a snack.
First, prepare the potato mixture. Grate the potatoes on a coarse grater.

Cut the onion into small cubes and add to the potatoes. Break the egg here. Salt to taste and pepper.

Mix the mixture well.

Cut the bread into thin slices.

Put the potato mixture on a piece of bread.

We immediately put the prepared sandwich on the hot pan with the potatoes down. It is not necessary to put the potato mixture on the sandwich in advance, as the bread will become soggy. Cover the pan with a lid and fry over medium heat until golden brown.

Fry for about 2-3 minutes.

Place the finished sandwiches on a plate and serve. Sandwiches come out simply amazing in taste.

Be sure to prepare them yourself. Leave your comments on how you can improve these quick snack sandwiches. Be sure to share this recipe with your friends on social networks.

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