How to cook a salad with lard.

I came up with this salad when I didn’t know how to dispose of a piece of lard with a layer of meat. It turned out very satisfying!

You don’t have to worry that lard is immediately a fold on the sides! No, nutritionists even recommend eating a little lard every day. When you go to work, such a meal can safely replace everything else. I don’t want to eat for a long time!

— 100 g lard (preferably with a meat layer);
— 100 g of bell pepper;
— 100 g of celery;
— 100 g of cucumber;
— 100 g of tomato (cherry);
— 1-2 cloves of garlic;
– herbs to taste;
— 1-2 tbsp. l. gas stations;
— 1 st. l. Parmesan cheese.

Preparation of salad with lard.

It is clear that we do not take fresh lard. Of course, I myself salt. But here I had a piece from the store, and the lard was salted in brine. But any ambassador will do. I cut into thin pieces.

Thank God, cucumbers are now everywhere where there are vegetables. I did not exfoliate. But if the cucumber is large, you can clean it. The cutting format is the same as in lard.

I don’t know who else, I love bell peppers. He is beautiful in any form. It attracts both with its usefulness, and with its taste and appearance. I also cut the pepper flakes for a long time.

Last winter I discovered celery. No, not celery at all, but stalks! A few times they got bright green, and more often – soft green. Its presence will prevent fat from spreading if you put more. Thinly cut across.

This salad would not be so tasty and healthy if I did not add greens to it. Dill and parsley were on hand. Finely chop and send to other vegetables.

How will today’s salad do without garlic? Of course, everything should be done without fanaticism. If a meeting awaits, it is better to do without this friend. But a little – you can.

Oh, and cheri. If they are not available, an ordinary tomato will fit in perfectly. The main thing is to cut so that the pieces do not particularly stand out from the general format. And if cherries, then halves or quarters – exactly that.

Having collected the salad, let’s dress it. Everything will work here, even ordinary vegetable oil with ground pepper. And you can mix soy sauce and butter, it will be even tastier. But there should not be a lot of dressing, purely for tradition.

Sprinkle grated cheese on top.

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