How to cook a salad with sprats. Recipe with photo.

Salad with sprats is more common on the holiday table than other snacks. There are probably few people who do not like this oily smoked taste of small fish from a can. The availability of sprats and their excellent taste qualities allow you to regularly prepare various interesting dishes based on them, the main thing is that it will take very little time.

In addition to the pronounced smoked taste, sprats can boast of their versatility. They go well with many vegetables, boiled eggs, cheese, pickles and greens. Any dish with this fish is tasty and very filling.

— boiled potatoes;
— a can of sprats;
— 2-3 eggs;
– sausage cheese (about 300 g);
– mayonnaise;
— 2 small pickled cucumbers;
— greens for decoration;
– olives for decoration.

Preparation of salad with sprats.

The first thing she did was boil the potatoes and eggs, and she rubbed the cheese herself.

She cut the pickled cucumber into circles. I had small cucumbers, but if you have larger ones, cut them into quarters.

Potatoes – in small slices.

You can pick a salad. She put potatoes on the bottom of the bowl, poured sprat oil over them.

I mixed it. Mashed the sprats with a fork, put them on top of the potatoes.

Leveled it. Spread mayonnaise on top.

Then she put pieces of pickled cucumber.

Mayonnaise on top. The next layer is eggs.

Top with mayonnaise and sausage cheese.

Sausage cheese, in my opinion, solves everything in this salad – it is a little sharper, sharper than usual, due to which it gives the salad flavor brightness and mood. And the mood should always be excellent, especially before the arrival of guests.

I smeared the top with mayonnaise, finely chopped the greens and put them on the salad.

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