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How to cook buns with jam.

Buns in my family are always a joy and a hot kettle on the stove! The evening becomes somehow more cozy when there is such a treat.

Ingredients (for 12 buns):
— half a kilo of store-bought puff pastry without yeast;
— 120 g of jam;
– powdered sugar.

How to cook buns with jam.

Roll out half of the dough (already thawed) not very thinly.

Divide with a knife into six rectangles. From the other half, accordingly, we will also then make the same 6 rectangles.

Lubricate each with jam. It is not necessary to spread it particularly thickly, anyway in this case everything will turn out on the cutting board, so there is no point. One or two teaspoons is enough for one rectangle.

Let’s wrap it all in a roll. We do it not very tightly, so that the jam does not squeeze out, but remains inside.

Cut the roll crosswise into three equal parts. We try to do it carefully so as not to deform the shape too much.

We lay out all three parts with a cut not to the side, but down and up, in silicone molds. Before that, lubricate with oil or rinse with cold water. We place the small rolls so that they more or less uniformly fill the form. A very interesting point – everyone’s molds are different, so the type of buns that have risen in the oven will also be different!

Bake in an oven with a temperature of 210-230 degrees. We will keep them there longer than usual puff pastry without yeast. Let’s say not 15 minutes, but 25 minutes. Because these buns are more “heavy” due to the filling. We have to let the dough bake.

Our jam is sweet on its own, but for my husband, I also sprinkle the buns with powdered sugar on top. Sweet taste!

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