How to cook colostrum in the oven. Colostrum recipe

chicken eggs – 6 pcs.;
milk – 1,5 l;
sugar – 250 g (its amount can be reduced if you like it less sweet);
vanilla – 0,5 tsp.

Today we are preparing colostrum in the oven. This is an incredibly tasty, tender, healthy and very easy-to-prepare dessert. Such a dessert is great to serve for breakfast, as it is very nutritious and will give you strength for the whole day!

The process of cooking colostrum in the oven.

  1. Beat 6 chicken eggs in a deep bowl. Add 250 g of sugar. We also add 0,5 tsp. vanilla

Cooking time: 50 minutes
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Kitchen: Ukrainian
Description: How to cook colostrum in the oven – a cooking recipe with step-by-step photos

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