How to cook crumbly rice. Culinary recipe.

Today we will learn how to properly cook rice with you. In principle, this is problematic for beginners, because the rice always turns out sticky and ugly. We will cook according to a special culinary recipe – we steam the rice before cooking. This gives us the fact that the rice gives off excess starch, it ends up being crumbly.

We will need rice and water.

We take a glass of rice and pour it into a deep container (it should be 2-3 times larger than the volume of rice), and then wash it. It is enough to wash three times. It is not necessary to make the water perfectly clean.

After washing, pour boiling water. The ratio of water in this case is not important, as the water will merge. It is advisable not to spare it, we leave it in this form for 30 minutes.

Our rice is steeped, we drain the water. We take a pan or a cauldron (you need to take dishes that do not burn and do not stick).

We put it on the fire, wait until excess moisture evaporates, and throw a couple of pieces of butter (you can use both butter and vegetable). It is necessary to spread the oil slightly on the walls of the dishes, and then pour our rice.

Pour water (you can add salt to it at the rate of half a teaspoon per glass) in a one to one ratio. We leave it on high heat until the water is almost equal to the surface of the rice. Then cover the rice with a lid and reduce the heat to a minimum. In this form, we leave to cook for 15-20 minutes. At the end, we check readiness. It is advisable to leave for another 30 minutes for the rice to infuse.

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