How to cook dumplings with cheese. Dough for dumplings

For the dough:
flour – 3 cups + 0,5 cups for dusting;
kefir – 1 cup;
soda – 1 tsp;
salt – 1 tsp. (incomplete);
eggs – 1 pcs.

For the filling:
cheese – 800 g;
salt – a pinch;
yolk – 1 pc.

Varenyki with cheese is a Ukrainian national dish that each of us has tried at least once in our life. There is little that can compare with home-made dumplings with cheese and sour cream!

I really like dumplings with unsweetened cheese, poured with butter and with sour cream! This is how it was always cooked in our family, the recipe is family. That’s why I want to share it with you!

How to make dough for dumplings.

Pour 3 cups of flour into the bowl in which we will knead the dough. Next, pour 1 tsp into the same bowl. of soda We also add an incomplete teaspoon of salt. Mix a little.

Beat 1 egg into the flour. Pour in 1 cup of kefir. We first mix all this with a spoon.

And then we continue to mix with our hands. It is very important to knead the dough well. Knead the dough for at least 10 minutes. In the process, it can be stretched and folded in any way. After that, the dough should be rolled into a ball, covered with a damp towel and left to rest for about 30 minutes. As a result, you should get a moderately soft dough. It should not stick to hands.

How to prepare a filling for dumplings.

Pour 800 g of cheese into a separate bowl. We will salt it a little. Add 1 yolk to it. Now we knead the cheese well into a homogeneous mass. If the cheese is very dry, you can beat the egg completely. And if it is very wet, then you need to first put it under the wick so that the excess liquid runs off.

Dust the work surface with flour. We separate some of its part from the dough. Roll into a sausage. But cut into equal pieces.

Then we roll these pieces a little in flour, at the same time making such circles out of them.

Let’s start molding the dumplings.

We take our mugs. We knead them a little with our hands. We scoop up the filling with a spoon and pinch the edges well so that the dumpling does not fall apart during cooking.

This is how we proceed with all the dough and filling.

How to cook dumplings.

Boil dumplings in a large pot, add a little salt to the water. Throw the dumplings into boiling water, mix with a slotted spoon, cover with a lid. After boiling, stir again and close the lid again.

As soon as the dumplings boil again, take them out in a bowl and grease them with butter.

Cook in batches, do not throw a lot at once, as they can stick together. This is how these dumplings with cheese are prepared. They turn out to be incredibly tender, tasty and filling.

Cooking time: 5 minutes
Preparation time: 1 years
Kitchen: Ukrainian
Description: How to cook dumplings with cheese – recipe with step-by-step photos

Rating: 9 / 10 (votes: 28 )
Keywords: Dumplings/Pelmeni

Also watch the YouTube video of how to make this recipe “How to cook dumplings with cheese” at this link

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