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Recently, vegetarian dishes of oriental cuisine, such as falafel and hummus, have become very popular. Falafel is a traditional Arab dish, but it is also considered national in Israel. It is prepared from chickpeas and other legumes. I really like to cook dishes from different cuisines of the world, but somehow it turned out that the process of making falafel was postponed by me for later.

Today, while making a selection of lean recipes, I remembered falafel.

Chickpeas (Turkish peas) – 1 cup;
onion – 1 pc.;
garlic – 3 cloves;
salt to taste;
red pepper – 0,5 tsp;
ground coriander – 0,5 tsp;
curry powder – 0,5 tsp;
dried parsley – 1 teaspoon;
potato starch – 1 tbsp. L.;
ground zira – a pinch;
oil for frying – 200 ml.

Method of cooking falafel.

Soak the chickpeas overnight. In the morning, wash the peas, drain the water, and beat with a blender together with onions and garlic.

Add salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, curry, greens to the pureed mass. Mix

Add starch or egg. Mix

Form balls the size of a walnut.

Put the finished falafel on a paper towel to remove excess oil.

PS: falafel is very filling, completely replaces meat. A little dry, so unthinkable without sauce. I made a not spicy falafel, so Tabasco sauce was very useful. If you are not fasting, then natural yogurt, mixed with garlic, is very suitable for the sauce. And also fresh and pickled vegetables. Falafel can be served in pita bread or simply on a plate.

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