How to cook meringue at home?

Sometimes the same dish has different names, but is prepared according to the same recipe – this also applies to sweets, which are known as meringues or meringues. The homeland of this sweet dessert is considered to be France, and in fact it is beaten egg whites with a lot of sugar and baked in a special way.

Sometimes in production, starch is added, which allows you to maintain a crispy structure for a long time, and also provides strength, thereby reducing fragility. As invisible fillers, you can add essences, vanilla or food colors in small quantities (without fat and moisture content).

Also, meringues with nuts, raisins, candied fruit, chocolate crumbs or wafer crumbs are being prepared more and more recently. Despite the simplicity of the process and preparation, the end result is not always a perfectly crispy meringue. Sometimes meringues stick to the teeth like caramel. And to avoid such unpleasant situations, you need to know some secrets or do everything strictly according to the instructions.

egg whites;
sea ​​salt;
lemon juice;
a mixer with a “whisk” attachment;

The number of products is below in the recipe.

Cooking meringue at home.

For simple preparation of meringue at home, I take fresh but very cold eggs, sugar or powder, lemon juice, a whisk and two identical containers. However, I strongly recommend that you read all the points of the recipe to the end, including the appendix, so that you do not miss anything in the process and take everything into account.

I carefully separate the yolks and hide them in the refrigerator.

Now about sugar. I use the simplest ratio: 1 parts of sugar for 2 part of proteins. To do this, pour the egg part into one glass, and the sugar into another. Then I pour the sugar into another container and pour the same amount again or use scales.

Everything is simple with proteins too. You need very cold eggs, but for fidelity, you can put a glass or a bowl for beating egg whites in the freezer for 5-7 minutes. Just don’t forget about them, frozen ones will become useless. Also, make sure that not a single drop of fat or water gets into them. Do not forget that the yolk is fat and the smallest drop will nullify all efforts. Thoroughly wash the container for whipping, the glass in which to separate the whites and the whisk with a detergent, and then dry. Meringues are afraid of moisture.

If everything is ready, start the mixer. Turn on low speed. Put the sugar aside. The first stage lasts about 5 minutes. The mass should increase by 3-4 times.

There is a little secret. Add a pinch of salt and a little lemon juice or granulated acid to increase the lushness and foaming.

A little trick, like always having lemon juice on hand. It can be stored for a long time in the freezer in ice cells. Just squeeze the whole lemon and freeze. And the lemon doesn’t spoil, and you won’t have to run to the store again for a teaspoon. I don’t know about you, but I often lost half of a lemon that I hadn’t used before.

It is very convenient to freeze juice in silicone molds, the frozen juice is easily separated from them. I use it in tea, smoothies, cocktails, ice cream, stewed cabbage and other dishes that need to be acidified. Also an excellent means for extinguishing soda.

Let’s go back to proteins. In 5 minutes at slow speeds, the mass increased several times, in the process lemon (the only permissible moisture) and salt were added. It is necessary to whip until soft peaks – stable foam.

Next, sugar is added in small portions, without stopping the whipping process.

The time to prepare the protein mass depends on many factors and can take 8-15 minutes. The result should be a thick, stable foam. The mass should not settle or fall. Also, do not leave it “for later”, but bake immediately.

Then you need to put it on a baking sheet and bake it. For this, you can use a teaspoon, laying out little by little at some distance. Put the mass in a pastry bag or syringe (as in the photo) or a regular (tighter) polyethylene bag with a hole.

Place the meringues on the parchment. I baked on the rug. I kept it in the oven at 100 degrees for 2,5 hours. To check for doneness, remove one meringue and taste. Inside, there should be a solid, homogeneous structure without signs of caramel, and the surface should be smooth, slightly creamy in color.

Leave the ready meringues to cool in the oven.

This delicious dish can be a great stand-alone cookie or served as part of cakes.

Secrets of making meringue.

— If the protein does not whip well, it is possible:
• he got a little yolk;
• it is not cold enough;
• not much time has passed (the mixer will have to work for 10-15 minutes);
• there were remnants of fat cream on the whisk.

— In order for the whites to beat better, it is recommended to age them a little. To do this, the proteins are separated into a cup, covered with a film and left on the table for a day. On a hot summer day – in the refrigerator.

— Some say that you need to beat cold products, others insist on warm ones. Try both, but not at the same time. Warm method: place the bowl in a water bath and whisk to the desired volume. Cold method: whip simply in a bowl on the table or set it in a bowl with ice.

– The protein foams better if you add a pinch of salt and a little lemon juice, and after 5-8 minutes, add sugar literally a teaspoon at a time.

— For baking, do not put the baking sheet in an oven heated above 110 degrees. The French dessert dries faster than it is baked. Sometimes this process takes more than 4 hours.

– Store in a hermetically sealed container in a cool place. Without direct sunlight.

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