How to cook oatmeal. The best oatmeal recipe

oat flakes – 50 g;
water – 75 ml;
honey – 1 tbsp. l.;
walnuts – 15 g;
salt – 2 g.

Nutritionists consider oatmeal to be the most nutritious and useful porridge. But in order for it to turn out tasty, you need to know how to cook it correctly. Some tips will help you make the perfect porridge.

Oatmeal recipe.

Prepare all the ingredients for oatmeal. Any nuts, including walnuts, should be soaked before use, at least for a couple of hours, and it is best to leave the nuts in warm water overnight. Oatmeal should be of good quality, not quick-cooking.

Wash the oat flakes a little with water so that oat husks or low-quality slices of flakes do not get into the dish. Fill oatmeal with water or milk, depending on which option you like and which porridge you want – more or less caloric.

Boils porridge until ready. Add a pinch of salt.

When the porridge infuses a little, swells and cools a little – add honey or sugar, and soaked peanuts. You can add raisins, poppy seeds and pieces of fruit, you can season the porridge with butter.

Serve porridge with tea, coffee or yogurt at the table. A useful, tasty and very filling breakfast is ready – enjoy!

Types of oatmeal.

Oatmeal is made from groats and flakes. True, before cooking, groats must be soaked for several hours and boiled for about 40 minutes. But at the same time, it is considered more useful and tasty.

There are several types of flakes: extra #1 (thin and large), which are cooked for about 15 minutes, extra #2 (smaller thin flakes), which are cooked for 5-10 minutes, and extra #3 (thin and smallest), which are perfectly suitable for baby food and cooked for up to 5 minutes.

In addition, many people love Hercules. These thick, large flakes, steamed and therefore less healthy, cook for about 20 minutes.

And there are thick petal flakes, which are much more delicate than Hercules, and they are cooked for only 10 minutes.

Correct proportions.

Oatmeal can be cooked both on milk and on water. The volume of liquid primarily depends on what consistency you want to get. For liquid oatmeal, take about 1 parts of liquid for 3,5 part of cereal or flakes, for a semi-viscous state use proportions of 1:2,5, and for a viscous state – 1:2.

To get the amount of porridge that will be enough for the whole family, prepare the dish at the rate of half a cup of oatmeal or flakes per person.

Additional ingredients for oatmeal.

Porridge is usually cooked with sugar or honey. About one serving uses 1 tbsp. l. sweetener To enhance the taste, you can also add a pinch of salt and a small piece of butter. Berries, fruits, dried fruits, candied fruits, nuts, carrots, pumpkin, jam, chocolate, cinnamon and cloves go well with oatmeal.

Cooking time: 30 minutes
Preparation time: 2 years
Kitchen: Ukrainian
Description: How to cook oatmeal – recipe with step-by-step photos

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