How to make a fruit tree for dessert

A very interesting idea for decorating a dessert for the New Year’s table. I would never have come up with such a simple construction of a Christmas tree from fruits))) Unfortunately, strawberries are hard to find on sale in winter. I would replace them with bright dried fruits: cherries or cherries. I would not use bananas, because they darken quickly. And you can also add “snowballs” to the Christmas tree – a little whipped cream (but only brand-name cream from a sprayer, so that it does not flow).

Beauty, yes! I really want to try to make such a Christmas tree for the New Year. I think the children will be happy, they adore my fruit compositions. The only thing is that I would replace the parsley with whipped cream in the form of snow, and sprinkle it with powder for belts, as if it were confetti. And where does the grass come from in winter? Well, it’s not essential.

  • New Year’s dessert “Fruit Carnival”
  • Red berry gratin with anise liqueur
  • Eclairs with creamy strawberry cream
  • Baileys ice cream
  • Apple pancakes with caramel sauce

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