How to make a salad with crab sticks.

Crab sticks salad with corn — an incredible combination of ingredients. Their availability and somewhat related (by aroma) attitude to crabs give it the right to show off on many New Year’s and other festive tables. Well, well, and I will present a version of my recipe for salad with crab sticks.

Every year, the number of salads that include crab sticks grows at an incredible rate. What options do not exist! Someone categorically does not accept the combination of chopsticks and rice. Others cannot imagine a salad without potatoes and finely chopped Chinese cabbage.

crab sticks – 200 g;
raw rice – 100 g;
canned corn – 1 can;
pickled cucumbers – 3 of medium size;
boiled eggs – 5 pieces;
carrot – 1 medium piece;
olive oil – 3-4 tablespoons;
juice of half a lemon;
ground black pepper – 1 teaspoon;
fresh or dry thyme – a few sprigs or 1 teaspoon of dry

How to cook crab salad with corn.

Boil the rice and wash it. Carrots should be thoroughly washed and boiled “in a uniform”, cut into small cubes.

Cut the cucumbers into small cubes.

Cut crab sticks for salad into arbitrary small pieces.

Eggs should be boiled, cooled, cleaned and cut into small cubes or on a special egg cutter.

Mix all the products in a bowl.

Season with lemon juice.

Season with olive oil.

Season with ground pepper and thyme. Mayonnaise can be added if desired. I forgot to add the corn and added it at the very end, when the salad was already dressed.

Now you need to mix everything well. The salad is ready!

Secrets of cooking crab salad.

— Rice can be replaced with boiled potatoes, you will need 3 medium boiled potatoes.

– Instead of salted ones, take fresh cucumbers. The taste will be more delicate.

— Use dill greens instead of thyme.

— Add some grated hard cheese instead of two eggs.

— Add a small finely chopped sweet onion or a few spring onions to the recipe.

— Diversify the composition with green peas of brain varieties.

— For more piquancy, put grapefruit, orange or pomelo vacuoles in the salad.

We love salad with crab sticks, no matter what. Therefore, contrary to my rather cool attitude towards them, I make this salad for my family, who love it tenderly. Probably, your families also have fans of this national favorite – crab stick salad.

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