How to make a smoothie. Culinary recipe.

Smoothies is a very valuable source of vitamins, and it will find a worthy place at a romantic dinner. However, this recipe is just an idea and an incentive for creativity. After all, the composition of this drink can include absolutely any fruits, vegetables, as well as greens. From fresh, it favorably differs in the variety of flavors and cooking options.

Ingredients for the smoothie:
a few cranberry berries – for color,
any other fruit you want
ice cream (to taste).

How to make a healthy smoothie.

The ingredients listed here are just an excuse to share the recipe. You can use any recipes you can think of.

Wash, clean and cut the fruits into small pieces. If desired, you can save the soft and edible skins. If there is no wax on them, it will only be more useful.

You can lay out the fruit puree in layers – it’s more beautiful that way. Therefore, each type of fruit must be chopped separately. You can just put it in a blender and grind it. But the taste will be completely different.

You can add a few cranberries to the banana, it will add a little sourness and color.

Celery stalks and even root can be added to dietary options. Any vegetables to taste. And definitely parsley, basil or cilantro (again to taste). Fantasize and gain health from this simple drink.

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