How to make apple cider. Recipe at home. 2 options

apples – quantity as desired;
yeast and sugar – depending on the number of apples;
bentonite (a special type of clay) – 1 tbsp. spoon.

Apple cider is one of the simplest alcoholic beverages that can be prepared at home without much knowledge or trouble. In order to prepare apple cider, it is not necessary to have various devices or devices available, it is enough to have a container, dry yeast, a rubber glove at hand, and the most important ingredient is apples or store-bought apple juice.

The process of making apple cider with yeast.

Twist the apples through a meat grinder to make apple pulp. Then the puree should be filtered. To do this, we filter the apple pulp through cheesecloth, and either throw away the pulp or use it for our own purposes.

We pour the juice into jars and cover them with cheesecloth for one day. Attention, the apples must be your own, that is, from the garden, so that they have wild yeast on them, if you do not have the opportunity to get such apples, then we add yeast to the apple juice.

When the juice starts to ferment, put the cans under a water seal at room temperature for about 5 days. If you are not satisfied with the resulting strength of the drink, then add a little more sugar to the cans and put it under the water seal for sweetening, having mixed the sugar in the cans in advance.

We remove the cider from the sediment and clarify it with bentonite (a special type of clay). To do this, dissolve a tablespoon of bentonite in water to a thick consistency and pour it into the cider. Mix the contents of the can and close the lid.

We put the jar for a couple of days, while the first day the jar should be shaken a couple of times.

We remove the cider from the sediment and proceed to carbonation. We take pasteurized bottles and fill them with 1 tbsp. spoons of sugar, and also add wine yeast on the tip of a knife.

We pour cider into these bottles (the bottles should preferably be plastic, as glass can explode), while leaving a small space for gas in the bottle.

Close the bottles with lids and put them in a dark place at room temperature for 10 days.

After that, you can start tasting!

How to make cider without yeast.

Pre-picked apples should be poured onto a flat surface in a dark, cool room. After 3 days, the required amount of fruit sugar will be collected in the fruits, the places that need to be cut will become visible. You can wash the fruits before use – there is natural yeast on the surface of the apples, which increases fermentation.

apples – 1 kg of any variety;
white granulated sugar – 150 g.

Sort through the ripe apples, cut out the darkened areas and remove the tails. We wipe the fruits with a dry cloth from dust, cut them into medium-sized pieces that are suitable for a meat grinder or blender. It is not necessary to cut the peel and remove the seeds.

Bottles or cans for wort should be thoroughly washed with soda and poured with boiling water. Wineware should not be greasy or have extraneous odors. We grind the whole mass into a homogeneous puree, put it in a container for fermentation. The amount of chopped apples should not exceed 2/3 of the volume of the bottle to leave room for carbon dioxide and foam.

Pour the appropriate amount of sugar here, shake the preparation thoroughly. We tie the neck of the jar or bottle with a clean linen cloth, put it in a warm place for 4-5 days. Once a day, you need to shake the future wort so that the fermentation process is uniform.

As soon as the room is filled with the characteristic aroma of brew, pour the contents of the containers through a thick cloth into separate jars or bottles.

We install hydraulic seals or put on medical gloves with holes in one finger. If this is not done, carbon dioxide will accumulate in the juice and turn the young wine into apple cider vinegar.

We send the jars in this form to a warm place, making sure that the sun’s rays do not fall on the liquid.

After 45-50 days, the juice in the cans will lighten and sediment will form at the bottom of the containers. Pour the liquid part into separate bottles with lids, while filling them to the very top.
We send young apple wine, prepared at home, to a dark, cool place for maturation.

After 3 months, the cider will be ready, you can start tasting.

Cooking time: 24 years
Preparation time: 24 years
Kitchen: French
Description: How to make apple cider – recipe with step-by-step photos

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