How to make homemade lemonade » Culinary recipes with photos. home cuisine

3 liters of purified water,
2 pcs. large lemons,
200 g of sugar,
sprig of fresh mint (optional)
black or fruit tea.

How to make lemonade at home.

If the water you will use for making lemonade is of good quality, you do not need to boil it. Bring only one liter of water to a boil and pour the brew into it. You can use tea bags, then you will need 3 bags for this portion of lemonade. Pour 200 grams of sugar into a container with tea, and stir the tea until the sugar is completely dissolved.

While the tea is brewing, wash the lemons well and remove the zest from them. To do this, rub whole lemons on a fine grater: yellow lemon “shavings” are just what we need.

Try not to rub the white part of the lemon peel, as it can add bitterness to your lemonade. Put the finished peel in a small bowl, add 150-200 ml of water (from the lemonade prepared) to it. Bring the water with the peel to a boil and let it cook on low heat for 5-7 minutes.

Strain the decoction of lemon peel into a bowl with the rest of the water through cheesecloth laid in a sieve. Pour into the resulting drink, also through a sieve with gauze, tea with sugar.

Cut the lemons into halves. Carefully squeeze the juice from three halves of lemons and pour it into a dish.

Make sure that the seeds from the lemons do not get into the drink, for this it is better to use cheesecloth as well.
Wash the mint leaves and, having rubbed them a little in your hands, throw them into the lemonade.

Cut the remaining half of the lemon into circles and put it in a bowl.

Mix the contents. Place the container with the lemonade in the refrigerator. Pour purified water into an ice cube tray and place in the freezer.
Serve lemonade in tall glasses with straws, adding 2-3 ice cubes to each glass.

Tips for storing lemonade.

If you plan to take lemonade with you on the road or on a picnic, pour it into a clean plastic bottle (from under the water) and send it to the freezer for several hours. So your lemonade will stay cold for 4-6 hours, after removing it from the freezer, even in the heat. Just remember that lemonade poured into a plastic container should never be left in the open sun. Under the influence of the burning rays of the sun, the plastic begins to melt, “giving” some of its components to the drink. I don’t think anyone wants to give their children lemonade laced with plastic.

What other lemonade can you make at home?
Lemonade based on carbonated water. 3 liters of sparkling water, 100 ml of strongly brewed tea, 2 lemons, 200 g of sugar, the cooking technology is the same as suggested above.

Lemonade from limes and mint. You will get a homemade analogue of the Mojito drink. The preparation is the same as in the lemonade recipe described above, only take 4 limes, as they are smaller than lemons.

Apple lemonade. Mix concentrated apple juice (not sweet) 1,5 liters with carbonated water 1,5 liters, add 200 g of sugar.

Grape lemonade. Similar to apple lemonade, only 1,5 liters of concentrated grape juice (not sweet) is used.

Orange lemonade. This is a domestic analogue of “Fanta”. The proportions and cooking technology are the same as in the lemonade recipe described in the article, only oranges are used instead of lemons.

Lemonade with ginger. Lemonade that promotes weight loss. It is prepared in the same way according to the recipe from this article, only a few slices of fresh ginger are added to the hot tea brew.
Bon appetit!

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