How to make homemade milk cheese for a child.

The most delicious cheese comes from natural whole milk. True, it does not necessarily have to be fat. If you remove sour cream from sour milk, it turns out to be almost fat-free.

You can remove 200-300 g of sour cream from a three-liter jar. It depends on the fat content of the milk, the time of year, the temperature outside, and the conditions in which the sour cream soured. If you take a can of milk, cool it and store it, you will definitely get this amount of sour cream.

You can remove the sour cream and cook the cheese when the surface does not vibrate (or almost does not vibrate) when you shake the jar. This indicates that the cream has turned into thick sour cream.

Since I did not initially plan to cook cheese and sour milk from two different cans, I did not get sour cream. Accordingly, my sour milk cheese turned out fatty. Well, I won’t delve into it, the most important thing here is not to overdo it. Overcooked cheese turns out rubbery. It is also not advisable to freeze sour milk, as the cheese cooked from such sour milk turns out to be very crumbly, in the form of small grains.

3 liters of whole milk or sour milk from it, like mine.

Preparation time: about 24 hours, excluding the time for the formation of sour milk from milk (2-3 hours for direct cooking, 3-5 hours for cooling, from 12 hours for draining the whey).

Preparation of homemade cheese.

When I had the sour cream ready, I put the jar in the oven.

She turned on the burner to the lowest setting and left the door open.

I don’t have a thermometer to measure the resulting temperature. It should be “almost hot”. I think it will be 80 degrees. When heated, a cheese curd begins to form from sour cream and whey is separated.

After some time, the serum becomes more.

When the serum acquires a yellowish-green shade, you can turn it off. We let the contents of the can cool completely and put it on a cloth or several layers of gauze.

We tie it and either hang it so that the serum flows, or put it under the press.

After half a day or a day, the cheese is ready.

The yield of cheese from 3 liters of milk is approximately 0,5 kg. Sweet taste!

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