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Ice cream takes a while to make. Let’s consider how to make ice cream at home. Let’s turn to a simple and delicious step-by-step recipe.

milk – 2,5 glasses;
sugar – 1 cup;
vanilla – to taste.

How to make ice cream at home.

Pour milk into a homemade pan, bring the milk to a boil, then remove the pan from the stove and let the milk cool down to a temperature of 36 degrees.

Add sugar and vanilla to the egg yolks (if you want to make vanilla ice cream instead of the usual filling). Mix well and rub the mass. You can use a blender for this.

The resulting mass is constantly stirred, pouring milk into it in a thin stream.
Heat the final mixture over low heat, while continuing to stir. The mixture should be thick.

Cool our cream first, then put it in the refrigerator. Pour the cream into a separate bowl. Whip the cream so that it becomes thick. Add whipped cream to the cooled cream and mix the mass.

We transfer the mixture into a plastic container, close it with a lid and put it in the freezer for one hour. Then we take out the barely frozen mixture, beat it with a mixer and put it in the freezer again. We repeat the procedure once more.

Then we leave the mass of the future ice cream for 3 hours in the freezer. Our dessert is ready.

10 tips on how to make ice cream.

1) Homemade ice cream can be a pleasant end to a romantic evening, a noisy party or a birthday. However, it is not necessary to learn how to cook it for a special occasion. You can simply surprise your relatives and friends with your incredible possibilities in the preparation of desserts. And if you have a sweet tooth in your family, then you will definitely get the unspoken title of the best cook in your family.

2) If you suddenly want to treat yourself and your loved ones with homemade ice cream, do not rush to gut the refrigerator in search of the necessary ingredients. It is still better to go to the store and buy the freshest possible products. After all, the composition of ice cream mainly includes perishable products: eggs, milk and cream. In addition, if you decide to make fruit ice cream, it is better to use fresh fruit. After all, its taste will be greatly affected if you use frozen berries or even more so fruits.

3) The set of necessary products will depend on which recipe you are going to cook, and which cream will form the basis of the future dessert. The stew version assumes the presence of eggs in the recipe. In addition to them, you will need heavy cream, milk, regular and vanilla sugar. To this, you can add various flavorings, berries, fruits, chocolate.

4) Many people prefer a traditional sealer. It can also be done at home. For this, you will need juice or fruit puree, sugar, gelatin, citric acid and, in fact, clean drinking water. By the way, it is better to give up citric acid altogether if you use lemon or cranberry juice as a base.

5) No matter how wild and absurd it sounds to us, in China this dessert is served for true connoisseurs of good food. However, you can make it at home, although it is better to take a ready-made filling from the store as a basis. You will save a lot of time and nerves. The product set is very simple and straightforward.

To prepare an exotic dish, you will need the following ingredients: ice cream, a few eggs, coconut shavings and breadcrumbs. Eggs should be beaten with a mixer, and “rock” ice cream should be cut into portions (ice cream in the form of a roller is best). The pieces must be dipped in chips, eggs and breadcrumbs.

The next destination for the dessert is the freezer. Let it stay there for 20-25 minutes. After that, start frying the ice cream. The main thing here is the speed and dexterity of the hands: the frying time should not exceed 20 seconds. The ice cream stays cold on the inside and hot on the outside. This is such a contrast!

6) Condensed milk is the basis of the simplest homemade ice cream recipes. Usually, children are crazy about this delicacy, that’s why they love any sweets, with the presence of condensed milk or burst it in its pure form. You will need a rather poor set of products: 33% cream and a can of condensed milk. Whip the cream actively, then, without stopping this process, pour in the condensed milk. Pour the resulting cream into molds and freeze. Bon Appetit!

7) If you want to prepare a dessert according to all the rules, you need to remember some nuances in the combination of products. For example, put fruit in vanilla ice cream, but chocolate treats require the addition of red berries – cherries, currants or strawberries.

8) Don’t be surprised: ice cream like people need air. True, not in order to “survive”. The air allows the “cold dessert” to come out soft and airy. And it gets air due to the beating of all the ingredients in the blender. Although, of course, mechanical means will be much better here. After all, ice cream in the absence of the amount of air it needs begins to behave like a capricious young lady.

9) Freezing is the last stage of cooking. It presents absolutely no difficulties: the main thing is to have a refrigerator or freezer at your disposal. Ice cream can be poured into beautiful shapes. If there is none, no problem: you can use glasses or glasses for this. But all the same, the aesthetics will be violated. Do not skimp on special forms for freezing and it will pay off for you. By the way, people who know a lot about good food advise to use ice cream slightly melted. Therefore, before use, 20-25 minutes, move your dessert from the freezer to the refrigerator.

10) With just one look at your creation, a person should “drool” and dream of the moment when he can enjoy your delicacies. There are plenty of decoration options. For example, it depends on the ice cream itself. If it contains berries, you can elegantly decorate it with cherries, strawberries or raspberries.

Chocolate can be decorated again with chocolate shavings or sprinkled with glaze. If you prepared a traditional filling, without adding “extra” products, it would be appropriate to serve it with a chocolate mixture and coconut shavings.

And the pinnacle of chic is decoration with various fruits. It can be “sunny” bananas, green kiwi or orange oranges. You can also use various dried fruits – prunes or dried apricots.

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