How to make plum jam. Preservation recipe

plums – 2 kg;
sugar – 400 g;
pectin – 40 g.

The easiest and fastest recipe for plum jam. This is a great version of plum jam for the winter. It can be added not only to pancakes, but also to pies or porridge.

The process of making jam with plums.

  1. Wash the plums under running cold water and remove the stones from them. I even recommend putting the plums in a large bowl of cold water and some baking soda (a small spoonful). After washing the plums in a light solution, rinse them again with cold water and remove the pits and stems. Cut each plum into at least four pieces. Put the prepared plums in a pan with a thick bottom.

Advice: if you want the jam to have a smooth consistency, you can blend it smoothly before adding the sugar and pectin, for example with a hand blender.

Advice: To revive the taste of the jam, I recommend adding another 0,5 tsp along with the sugar. cinnamon or seeds taken from one vanilla pod. For chocolate lovers, I recommend adding to your choice: 3 tbsp. l. cocoa or up to 100 g of high-quality dark chocolate. If you add chocolate, cook it a little longer. The chocolate should completely blend with the fruit.

Pour the boiling plum jam into the prepared jars (leaving about 1 cm of free space) and immediately roll them up. Turn the cans upside down. Leave them in this position for 10 minutes. You can also cover the jars with a towel so that they cool down more slowly. After 10 minutes, return them to the “normal” position, but keep them under a towel until they cool completely. After cooling, all lids should be attached. Pasteurization is not required.

Cooking time: 30 minutes
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Kitchen: Ukrainian
Description: How to make plum jam – recipe with step-by-step photos

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