How to make plum jam.

2 kg of plums,
1 kg of sugar.

Selection of plums for jam:
There are many varieties of plums, all of them are tasty and fragrant. But the most delicious, aromatic and beautiful will be the jam made from Hungarian plums.

It is from these plums that prunes are made. A distinctive feature of such plums is that they are very sweet, as a result of which the jam is tasty and sweet with a small amount of sugar. For more sour plums, you need to take more sugar. Both hard and soft (beaten) plums are perfect for jam, but the jam will also be beautiful from hard plums.

How to make plum jam.

Wash the plums and put them on a sieve or colander so that the water drains. After cutting each plum along the “seam”, remove the stone. This is done very easily.

Cover the plums with sugar, let stand for about an hour, then put on very low heat for about an hour. Plums will give juice.

On medium heat, bring the jam to a boil, but do not boil, but immediately remove from the heat. Set the jam aside to cool completely.

Then boil the jam again and cook a little more.

Pour the plum jam into clean jars while it is still hot. roll up

Plum jam will have a very beautiful color. And the plums themselves will be juicy.

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