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Pasta is a simple and quick food that is usually prepared by bachelors and those who do not have enough time to please their families with various culinary masterpieces. But what to do for those who just love macaroni and don’t want to be stamped? There is nothing simpler, they can always be prepared in a special way. For example, to bake in Italian.

No one knows as much about pasta and the secrets of its preparation as the Italians. The arsenal of the descendants of Julius Caesar and other great Romans has a large number of recipes for pasta itself, as well as sauces for it.

In addition, probably everyone who considers himself at least a cooking lover knows the recipe for pasta in Italian, so such recipes can be collected in several volumes. It is hardly worth claiming originality, but you can promise an excellent dinner by preparing pasta according to the recipe below for your guests.

1/2 kg of minced turkey;
1/2 kg of pasta;
1 cup of pesto with basil;
400 g of canned tomatoes roasted on fire (or tomato sauce);
1 bunch of fresh spinach;
2 cloves of garlic;
1-1/2 cups grated asiago cheese;
1 cup of Japanese panko;
olive oil.

How to cook Italian pasta.

At first, everything is simple: throw the pasta into a pot of boiling salted water and cook until done according to the instructions on the package. Given that the macaroni will later be baked in the oven, you can undercook it a little (but not too much – 2-3 minutes).

Meanwhile, grate one and a half cups of cheese. If you want, you can add more cheese, it is never too much in combination with pasta.

Then chop the garlic and add it to the minced meat. Cook the meat over medium heat in a small amount of olive oil.

Add a whole can of roasted tomatoes to the finished minced meat. If you cannot find such a canned food in the nearest store, you can replace it with a more familiar and affordable tomato sauce.

If the appearance of fried minced turkey with its grayish shade confuses you a little, then rather mix it with tomatoes or sauce, and it will immediately turn into a better side.

Put all the spinach on top at once. Cover with a lid and let the steam scald the leaves a little.

At this time, pour part of the water from the pasta pot into a glass, and discard the pasta and return it to the pot.

Add a glass of pesto to the pasta, you can use store-bought or make your own.

Then pour another glass of grated cheese there.

Stir. In principle, you can already eat, but if you have a little patience, the wait will be rewarded.

Now the spinach under the lid has become bright green and very tender.

Mix well the pasta with pesto and minced meat. Add a little pasta sauce to taste if you like, but it’s best not to mess with the original recipe, at least when you’re making it for the first time. If it seems to you that the pasta with minced meat looks dry, add the water in which the pasta was cooked and mix.

Put the mixture in a baking dish, pour a little olive oil over everything (what would be Italian pasta without it) and sprinkle with the remaining cheese.

You can sprinkle a little Japanese panko (or simple breadcrumbs) on top, used for deep-frying. It will make the cheese crust more crispy and give your macaroni an original taste. Bake at a temperature of 190 degrees until the cheese turns into a golden crust (about 15-20 minutes).

Macaroni should turn out to be very soulful. It is appropriate to serve them with a bottle of good wine by candlelight. Do it as soon as possible and you will see for yourself that simple pasta can become a real work of culinary art.

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