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My first impression when I, as a child, saw the process of making this jam was surprise. I had no idea how to make jam from nuts, and even green ones. And what was most surprising was the color of this jam.

Early summer is the time for green nuts suitable for jam. The shell under the green skin of the fruits has not yet fully formed, and it will be easy to make jam from them.

This jam takes a long time to prepare. The minimum is two days (usually more). But it’s worth it.

How to make jam from walnuts.

Wash green nuts well and peel them. Cut the skin very thinly, then prick each nut with a fork. It is strongly recommended to use gloves when cleaning nuts to avoid staining the skin of the hands black. I didn’t use gloves, and it will show in the photos for this recipe.

For one and a half kilograms of green nuts, we take two tablespoons with the top of soda and pour water, stir so that the soda dissolves. Put the peeled nuts in this water for three hours.

After three hours, we prepare a new soda solution, remove the nuts from the old soda solution, wash them in running water and transfer them to a new one. For three hours.

After three hours, we repeat the procedure one more time. And again we wait for three hours.

After that, remove the nuts from the soda solution, wash them in running water and place them in a pan. Pour water and bring to a boil over low heat.

As soon as they are brought to a boil, we discard the nuts in a colander.

Pour two kilograms of sugar into a pan, add two glasses of water and put it on low heat. We heat the syrup until it boils and becomes completely transparent.

When the syrup has evaporated, it has become transparent, remove it from the heat, and put the nuts in the syrup. Leave them in the syrup for two hours.

After two hours, put the pot on a slow fire and bring to a boil.

When it boils, wait a minute, then remove the pan from the heat and set it aside for two hours. After two hours, we put it on the fire again, bring it to a boil and put it aside for another two hours.

After the required amount of time has passed, put a clove in the pan and put the pan on low heat. Bring to a boil, and wait for big bubbles to appear.

We turn off the fire under the pan. Close with a lid. And we put it aside. Let it cool down. The jam is ready. Have a nice tea party.

If there is such an opportunity, it is better to put the nuts not in soda, but in a saturated solution of alum (you can buy them at a pharmacy) and keep them in this solution longer. Approximately – a day, for each shift, instead of a couple of hours. This will make the nuts crunchy and remove the bitterness from them.

Benefits of walnut jam.

Walnut jam, like the nut itself in its pure form, is rich in iodine. It is indispensable in the treatment of the thyroid gland and elimination of potency problems.

Magnesium is no less important for us. It expands blood vessels and improves brain function.

Walnut jam is rich in protein and tannins, fintocides and vegetable fats.

Walnut jam is shown:
— with problems with blood pressure;
— during physical exertion;
— with prolonged mental work;
— with sleep problems;
— for the growth of children;
— with nervous overloads.

Enjoy the original taste and strengthen your health!

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