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Autumn is the best time for preparations, however, orange jam, the recipe of which we want to offer you, can be safely prepared at any time of the year, and even more so eaten.

It is very difficult to imagine a person who is ready to confidently say that he does not love orange marmelade. Only if he never tried it. Correcting this unfortunate mistake is not difficult at all, because jam is prepared from these positive and very tasty fruits quickly and easily. Its aroma can instantly spread decisively throughout all the rooms of the apartment and certainly remind of happy and sunny summer days, even if there is light rain outside the window and a completely depressing gray sky.

Despite the fact that the preparation of this delicious dessert is not very typical for our latitudes, recently housewives have been cooking it more and more frequently. Something tells us that this is due to its amazing taste and aroma.

We assure you, after trying once, you simply won’t have enough strength to give up these delicacies! It is not surprising that there are many options for making such jam today. You can make it from the peeled and unpeeled fruits themselves, peel and peel, as well as add other fruits and vegetables (sometimes the most unexpected ones, for example, zucchini).

– a kilogram of orange. You can add a little more, it is not essential.
— 2 glasses of water.
– cinnamon

How to make jam from oranges.

Place the oranges in a pan.

Pour boiling water over it and blanch it for a couple of minutes so that the bitterness and all kinds of microbes, which also love citrus fruits, leave the peel.

Wash the pan thoroughly, pour 2 cups of water, a kilo of sugar into it and mix thoroughly, simultaneously heating to boiling.

When the sugar dissolves in the water, start slicing the oranges. First, cut off their bottoms.

Personally, I cut fruits for jam like this: an orange into 8 segments, then each segment into 3-4 parts.

Be sure to try to pick all the seeds from the fruits, because they can also give our jam an unnecessary bitterness when cooking. I was lucky: my oranges were not pitted.

Here’s what we got.

Next, we put the chopped fruits in the boiling syrup, bring it to a boil again, reduce the heat and wait for 1,5-2 hours, periodically approaching the stove to smell how delicious it is and to look so that it does not burn.

15 minutes before readiness, add a teaspoon of cinnamon, mix thoroughly.

So, in the next 15 minutes we will prepare the container. We take the required number of cans, pour a couple of centimeters of cold water into them and put them in the microwave for 4-5 minutes so that the water boils.

Such a trick will not work with the lids, they are iron. It is better to cover the lids with boiling water for a couple of minutes.

Pour the boiled water out of the jars and fill them with jam. If it turns out to be runny, don’t worry: it will cool down and thicken.

Close the jars tightly and put them in a warm place until they cool down completely. Better for the night.

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