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300 g of lasagna sheets that do not require cooking;
400 g of boiled and smoked ham with fat;
200 g of mozzarella;
50 g of parmesan;
800 g of ready-made neutral tomato sauce;
4 cloves of garlic;
1 small bunch of green onions;
4 sprigs of green basil;
olive oil;
0,5 tsp. dry oregano;
salt, black pepper.

How to cook
1. Crush, peel and chop the garlic. Chop the green onion very finely. Remove the basil leaves from the sprigs. Fold the leaves in a stack, twist into a tight roll and finely chop with a thin knife. Then chop.

2. Mix green onions, basil and garlic with tomato sauce and 3 tbsp. l. olive oil. Season with dry oregano, salt and pepper.

3. Slice the mozzarella very thinly. Grate Parmesan on a fine grater. Cut the ham into slices 5-7 mm thick. Break the lasagna sheets into pieces that fit into the multicooker bowl.

4. Pour the bottom of the bowl with olive oil, put a couple of spoons of the tomato mixture. Line the bottom with pieces of lasagna sheets, slightly overlapping. Pour sauce over, lay out a layer of ham.

5. Brush the ham with sauce, lay out the next layer of lasagna sheets and brush with sauce again. The next layer should be mozzarella, then sauce, lasagna, sauce, ham. Keep posting until you run out of products. The last layer should be the remaining tomato sauce.

6. Close the lid. Cook on the “Baking” program. In 5 min. until ready, open the lid and sprinkle parmesan over the lasagna. Serve hot.

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