Lazy cheese dumplings – a recipe with step-by-step photos.

Lazy dumplings are airy, lush and tender, without excess flour. It is quite easy to cook them, and they grow 3 times when boiled, so you can prepare breakfast for 500 people from 4 g of cheese. It is worth saying that children are simply delighted with such dumplings, especially if the dish is served with strawberry sauce.

Dumplings are also a simple dish, so they always come in handy if you need to quickly prepare a good breakfast. Although lazy dumplings can be prepared for dinner, as you wish. If they are done correctly, then they turn out even better than traditional ones.

But in the meantime, some novice housewives still do not know how to approach such a dish. This injustice should be corrected! Carefully study the proposed recipe and start preparing an interesting breakfast for the family. You’ll see, your loved ones will definitely appreciate such a dish and will definitely thank you!

fresh eggs – 2 pcs.;
9% fat cheese – 500 g;
2 Art. l. white sugar;
3 Art. l. butter;
a glass of white flour;
1 tsp. salt;
sour cream.

A culinary recipe for lazy dumplings.

Rub the cheese through a sieve or grind it in a blender. You can also simply mash with a fork.

Add eggs, salt, sugar and mix.

Melt the butter in a water bath, pour it into the cheese. Mix until you have an elastic consistency.

Sift the flour and pour it into the cheese, mix. The dough will be soft and sticky. Next, sprinkle the table with flour, put the dough there. Knead it with your hands and roll it into a ball that will no longer stick to your hands. If the dough still sticks, then just sprinkle the table with flour.

Divide it into 4 parts. Sometimes sprinkling the table with flour, we roll all the pieces of dough into a thin sausage. Then cut them into squares, triangles or rectangles. You need to press the squares so that the circles come out. But you can make any form of dumplings. For example, you can roll out the dough up to 1 cm high, and then use special cookie cutters to cut dumplings in an interesting shape.

You can freeze this dish if you have prepared a lot. But so that the dumplings do not stick together, you need to put each of them in a plastic bag. Now put the dish in boiling and slightly salted water. And when the “lazy” have surfaced, cook them for another 3 minutes.

Eat dumplings warm, pour yogurt, sour cream or some syrup over them!

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