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Sour cream 1 kg,
Sugar 5-6 tablespoons,
Gelatin 20 grams.
Various fillers.

Method of cooking:
We take gelatin, throw it in a pan/bucket, pour in half a glass of warm water and leave it alone for a while. In the meantime, pour sugar into the sour cream and beat until it dissolves.

We heat the gelatin with water, stirring, to a completely liquid state, but without fanaticism, it is not necessary to boil.

Mix with sour cream and start creating.

We divide the resulting mass into several parts, each of which will become a layer in the finished dish, and mix the appropriate fillers into each part.

You can safely use any berries, grated chocolate, cocoa, liqueurs (it is better to choose thicker or pour less, it still needs to harden), mandarin oranges. in general, there are many options.

In this version, there are three layers – with cocoa, cherry and “mojito”. Everything is obvious with cocoa, just mix it.

Cut the cherry in half, remove the pits.

“Mojito” is made from mint ground in a blender with the juice of half a lime, a spoonful of sugar and two or three tablespoons of water. Squeeze the juice through cheesecloth and pour into the corresponding part of the future dessert.

As soon as everything is mixed for the first layer, you should immediately pour it into a mold and send it to the refrigerator.

When the layer reaches the consistency of not too dense jelly, pour the next one, and so on until the victorious end.

We put it in the refrigerator, preferably overnight, and in the morning we dip the mold in hot water, shake it out on a plate and eat it.

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