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My friend taught me how to make such a salad. Of course, everyone knows what ingredients are used to make a traditional crab salad. And this salad has its own characteristics.

First, carrots are added to the salad (there are many variations of this salad recipe, and not all of them include this ingredient). Secondly, carrots, prepared in a special way, are the “highlight” of this dish and give a unique flavor bouquet.

Layered ingredients make this traditional salad an unusual and welcome guest on your holiday table.

boiled rice – 400 g (approximately, you can add a little more, as you like);
carrots – 3-4 pcs.;
eggs – 4-5 pcs..;
crab sticks – 1-2 medium packages;
champignons – 1 can (400 g);
corn – 1 jar (400 g);
mayonnaise – 1 package;
salt/pepper/spices – to taste;
vegetable oil – 1-2 spoons (required for frying).

How to make crab leaf salad.

First, you need to prepare all the ingredients. Grate the carrot on a coarse grater (you can also grate it on a fine grater, for lovers).

Cut the mushrooms into small cubes.

We heat the pan and stew carrots and mushrooms for 15 minutes, you can put out only carrots. In this case, when we lay out the layers, be sure to put mushrooms on top of the carrots!

Next, rub (I do it again on a coarse grater) boiled eggs.

Then cut the crab sticks.

The first layer is rice, it can be laid in a not very thin layer (1-1,5 cm).

Spread mayonnaise on top of the rice.

The next layer is crab sticks.

Then mayonnaise again.

The next layer is roasting carrots and mushrooms.

Then – a layer of mayonnaise, we spread the grated eggs on top of the mayonnaise.

On top of the eggs is a layer of mayonnaise. And the final layer is corn.

This is the final layer. Usually, I repeat the layers 2-3 times.

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