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Lemon 1 pcs.
Bananas 3 pcs.
Lemon juice 600 ml
Powdered sugar 300 g.

Method of cooking:
To prepare sorbet, you will need lemon, 2-3 sweet bananas, powdered sugar, lemon juice (or ready-made lemon nectar).

Cut lemon with peel and peeled bananas into large pieces.

Grind the fruit with powdered sugar in a blender.

Add lemon juice and beat everything again, add banana or powdered sugar to taste if necessary.

Pour the resulting mass into a container and put it in the freezer for 2 hours.

Remove the sorbet every 2 hours and mix well with a spoon, do this until the dessert is completely frozen.

Serve the finished sorbet garnished with lemon, lime or banana cubes.

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