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This salad is really light, in every sense of the word. It is prepared quickly and simply, and there is no heaviness in the stomach after it. But it can pass for a full dinner, because it is nutritious due to the chicken breast.

For me, this recipe is just a godsend, especially when I need to quickly feed my husband or when we have sudden guests. I almost always have boiled chicken fillet or just chicken. It remains only to add vegetables and everything is ready!

— 250 g of boiled chicken breast;
— 250 g of fresh radish;
— 1 can of green peas;
– a lot of young dill;
— natural yogurt to taste;
– salt;
– ground black pepper.

Cooking salad with chicken breast.

We take boiled and cooled chicken breast fillet. If it is not there, first boil it (with or without a bone – it does not matter). I have a domestic chicken this time, so I boiled it with the skin.

Cut the chicken into small cubes across the grain.

We wash the radish. We remove the “spouts” from both sides in each of them. We leave the skin, cut off only the existing defects.

We cut our radish into thin pieces, having previously divided it in half (if it is small) or into four parts (if it is large). Radish slices should be translucent.

Mix chicken breast and radish in a salad bowl. We add peas to them (we take a standard jar, not a small one).

We thoroughly wash the young dill from dirt and dust, dry it a little and cut it into small pieces. Add to a salad bowl along with salt and black pepper.

All we have to do is dress the salad with natural yogurt without added sugar and fruit fillers. If you want (or there is no such product), you can replace it with sour cream or mayonnaise.

Mix well and spread on plates.

Despite the completely ordinary products, the taste of the salad is quite extraordinary! Enjoy your taste!

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