Liver pie. A recipe for a slow cooker

A very interesting recipe must be tried. But I’ll take chicken liver better, and I’ll cook it without filling. Or I’ll replace it with mushrooms, now it’s just the season for them. I’ll make this kind of rice better as a side dish. And another question: in which slow cooker did you cook – volume, power? I have it on Dex-60, I want to compare and choose the best time for cooking.

Julia Furman :

I have a multicooker SCARLETT 411, power 700 W. I set the time to 60 minutes, although by default I have 45 minutes set in the baking mode. However, I then left it on the heating for about half an hour.

Gunn :
Tasty, but for juiciness and next time I will add carrots and onions to the rice.

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