Mavpochka holiday salad – a recipe with a photo

On the eve of the holiday, every hostess wants to surprise and delight her guests and household members with something special. There are many recipes for various snacks and salads. You can be surprised by their design. Prepare this holiday salad “Monkey” with us.

boiled rice – 200 g;
boiled chicken fillet – 200 g;
selected eggs – 210 g (3 pcs.);
carrots – 220 g;
mayonnaise – 100 g;
canned peas – 120 g;
small pickled cucumbers – 150 g (3 pcs.);
black olives for decoration – 4-5 pcs.;
salt and pepper

Salad preparation process.

Grate the carrot on a grater with small holes. It can be put in a salad both raw and boiled. Cheese gives a more piquant taste.

Boil the eggs and grate the yolks and whites separately on a fine grater. Do not forget to leave 2 circles for the eyes.

Cut the chicken fillet across the fibers at a distance of no more than 1 cm and divide it among the fibers with a fork.

Put rice, fillet, peas, half a carrot, whites and yolks in a deep plate. There, grate 2 cucumbers on a coarse grater and add mayonnaise.

Add salt and pepper, then mix everything thoroughly.

Put the finished salad on a flat dish and start creating. First, form the face of the monkey. The upper part of her head is slightly smaller than the lower part. Add two small ears. Place the grated carrot on top, specially reserved for this purpose. Leave empty spaces for other filler in the ears and nasolabial part of the face.

Next, fill these parts of the head with white, and border the edges with yolk. Make pupils, nose, mouth and bangs out of chopped olives. Add a bow from cucumbers as a decoration and create a festive mood. Such a dish on the table will please both you and your guests.

Good taste and happy holidays!

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