Meat roll with nuts – a recipe for cooking the dish.

Today I will tell you about meat roll. To admit, it turned out completely by accident – I did not plan to cook it at all. It’s just that after I made pilaf, I had a small piece of pork left over. I somehow didn’t want to hide it in the freezer, so I just took it and pickled it. So to speak, just in case. Marinated it, put it in the fridge and ran away to work.

During the working day, thoughts about meat sometimes tormented me, and I realized that it was time to decide on its fate. And I thought here, instead of wrapping something in it, and then baking it with a roll?

So after returning home, I quickly dealt with this meat, ennobled it with a few leaves of spinach and a handful of nuts, fastened it with toothpicks and voila!

— about 400 g of pork meat;
— 2 tsp. mixture of peppers;
– a little paprika;
— 2 tsp. olive oil;
– a pinch of salt;
— 5 leaves of fresh spinach;
— 1,5 tbsp. l. walnuts.

We are preparing a meat roll.

To begin with, I simply cut a piece of pork meat that I had left unclaimed in the middle, but did not fully open it, like a book. This is how a layer turned out – I marinated it in a mixture of peppers, a pinch of salt and a drop of olive oil. I had it in the refrigerator for a little over 8 hours under the film.

Then I beat off the meat slightly and spread it on a board.

I prepared the filling – I washed the spinach leaves and slightly chopped the nuts.

At the edge of the meat layer, I first laid out a layer of nuts, and then – greens.

All that remains is to carefully roll it up – I used toothpicks to fasten it.

I put the formed roll in a small form, and placed it on a larger baking sheet and poured a little water.

I baked the roll for about half an hour at 200 degrees.

I cut the roll only when it was completely cooled.

The roll turned out to be very juicy and incredibly tasty. And, absolutely by accident!

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