Meat roll with prunes. Preparation of a roll.

This time I prepared a delicious meat roll with prunes from a piece of wild boar. I suggest that you prepare such a roll. Wild boar meat can be replaced with regular pork or even chicken. The last two options will be easier, and they will be prepared faster.

a piece of wild boar meat (or pork) – 400 g;
prunes – an incomplete glass;
red wine – 1 glass;
salt and spices – to taste;
nut crumbs – half a glass;
bay leaf – 1-2 pcs.;
meat spices for sprinkling – to taste.

Meat soaking time: 12 hours.
Meat marinating time: 24 hours.
Cooking time: 1-1,5 hours.

Preparation of meat roll.

Meat should be taken fresh, without excess fat. The meat must be thoroughly washed and soaked in cold water for about 12 hours.

Next, the meat should be marinated. To do this, salt the meat on all sides and pour red wine. This marinade is quite enough to make the meat more tender. Alcohol and fruit acids will soften tough meat and make it amazing and tasty. Meat can be marinated for 1-2 days (24 hours was enough for me).

Cut the finished piece of meat in half, but not all the way. We make a huge chop out of it. Beat this piece well on both sides with a hammer.

Salt and pepper the meat to taste. Sprinkle with nut crumbs (take half of the total amount).

Place prunes on top in two rows.

Wrap a piece of meat with prunes in a roll.

We tie the roll with a thread.

We send the roll to the sleeve for baking, sprinkle it with nut crumbs and spices, add a bay leaf. We twist the sleeve from both sides.

We send the roll to bake in the oven at a temperature of 160 degrees. If you increase the temperature, the cooking time will decrease, but I personally like this temperature regime, as the meat is cooked slowly and turns out tastier. Cool the finished meat and cut it into pieces.

We wish you a pleasant taste.

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