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What is the secret of the appeal of ice cream, a favorite delicacy of children and adults? It would seem that the recipe for making ice cream is nothing special, since this dessert is a whipped and frozen mass of milk, cream, oil, sugar, flavoring and aromatic additives in the form of fruits, nuts and chocolate.

How to make ice cream at home? There is nothing complicated about it, and the advantage of homemade ice cream is the absence of preservatives and dyes, as well as the opportunity to experiment with products. There are various recipes for making ice cream at home with photos and step-by-step descriptions – filling, cream, chocolate, fruit ice cream, crème brûlée, sorbet and fruit ice, and any of them can be your culinary debut, even if you have never tried to make ice cream at home.

Once upon a time, as a child, at the age of 11-12, I made ice cream myself, then somehow I couldn’t get it together, and then I lost the recipe altogether. I recently read an ice cream recipe somewhere and decided to make it myself, making small adjustments to the recipe.

milk 3,2% — 1 liter;
egg yolks – 3 pcs.;
granulated sugar – 200 g.

The method of making ice cream from milk.

I heated the milk, but not to boiling point.

While the milk was heating, I separated the yolks from the whites (we won’t need the whites). I poured the egg yolks into a plastic container, poured sugar into them and beat with a mixer for ten minutes so that the sugar was dissolved as best as possible.

After that, she began to carefully pour hot milk into the yolks, trying not to stop beating so that the yolks would not cook.

After pouring in all the milk, she continued to beat for another 5-7 minutes so that the sugar was completely dissolved.

After that, she poured everything into a saucepan and put it on the fire. The mixture should be periodically stirred until it thickens and all the foam disappears from the surface.

It all takes about 15-20 minutes, it is advisable not to let the mixture boil. After it has thickened, pour it into a container in which we will freeze it, and let it cool to room temperature.

We put it in the freezer (for as long as you want, I had it for almost a day, since I made it in the evening and went to work in the morning) and wait until it freezes.

It turned out like this ice cream (the eggs were rustic, with very bright yolks, maybe that’s the reason for this color), my men (husband and son) are very satisfied, because they both love ice cream.

You can place the mass for ice cream in beautiful molds, add a stick. Here is a wonderful dessert and ready.

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