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Milkshakes include any shakes made on the basis of milk and other dairy products, not just ice cream. The list of these products includes, for example, kefir, condensed milk, cream, etc.

In order to prepare the most accessible and simplest milkshake, you need to have ice cream, milk and a blender – a kitchen appliance for whipping and mixing products. Milk is one of the most important food products for people. It is useful not only for children and the elderly, but also for any milk lover.

The classic recipe is milk, ice cream and fruit syrup. The proportions of the ingredients are not very strict – the cocktail allows quite large deviations – you want as sweet as possible – please, you want more dietary – also.

If you want to add cream – no problem, replace the syrup with jam – also without problems, add whole berries or fruits – if you wish!
Milkshake allows you to experiment at home, within the widest limits, limited only by your imagination and financial capabilities.

Milk – 1 liter.
Plombir ice cream – 250 gr.
Raspberry syrup – 100-150 gr.
Cognac – 50 gr. (for children – exclude!)

How to make a milkshake

Cut 250 grams of ice cream. Creamy, white.

Load the briquette into the blender bowl.
Pour syrup or jam.

and start pouring milk – exactly one liter.

We take about 50 grams of cognac. It can be reduced to zero.

Put the bowl and turn on the blender for 5 minutes.

We turn off the blender only when all the ingredients have turned into foam and the volume of the product has noticeably increased!

At the very top of the cocktail, the bubbles are the most beautiful!

Pour the milkshake into glasses.
Bon appetit!

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