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Mojito is a cocktail based on rum and mint leaves. This pretty much says it all – we cover up the taste of cheap rum with mint, lime and sugar.

This cocktail comes from Freedom Island, Cuba. And they say that the Mojito was Ernest Hemingway’s favorite cocktail. Although, the Cuban narrators are still the same. It is not known whether this recipe got through the blockade to imperialist America (maybe Hemingway brought it?), but Mojito became popular in the USA in the 1980s.

Mojito traditionally consists of six the ingredients: rum, carbonated water, sugar, lime juice with peel(!), mint and ice (we do not consider non-alcoholic in principle).

It is very difficult to make this drink at home. No, there are no problems with rum, especially of our own production. There are practically no problems with carbonated water, sugar and lime in many resort hotels, where our citizens rest, to speed up the preparation of a cocktail, instead of separate carbonated water and sugar, various sweet drinks such as “Sprite” are used.

There are also no problems with the taste of mint – it is optimal to use mint drops – they are already in alcohol and you need literally 3-4 drops of them for a glass of our mojito.

In some Havana hotels, Angostura is also added to the mojito. It can also be used at home if you wish. This is not the point of the problem.

How to make a mojito at home.

Pour about half a teaspoon of cane sugar into a glass.

Put mint leaves.

And we start rubbing them with sugar.

Not very strong, but before the appearance of a clear mint aroma.

Squeeze juice from half a lemon into a glass.

Cut the lime into pieces and put it there.

About 40 — 50 ml.

And we pour carbonated water. In the photo, it is a “highly carbonated Mojito drink”, but experiments have shown that it is optimal to use “Lemon”.

Mojito cocktail is ready! Moreover, this is a delicious Mojito, not equal to those “solutions” that you are sometimes served in bars – where ice is more than anything else.

A tube and a sprig of mint — and you can drink or serve to guests!

The taste is amazing, really. (True, if you use substitutes for mint, it would be nice to warm the guests with vodka first).

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