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In order for the salads and snacks intended for the New Year’s table to correspond to their status – to look festively spectacular and to arouse an increased appetite, it is not at all necessary to use expensive overseas delicacies. If you show a little imagination and decorate the dish accordingly, even from the minimum amount of the most affordable products, you can make a culinary miracle.

Chicken thighs, carrots, zucchini, onions, greens and eggs – this is a small list of products included in the salad cake. All components can always be bought in any food supermarket.

chicken thighs – 2 pcs.;
zucchini – 2 pc.;
chicken eggs – 2 pc.;
carrot – 2 pc.;
onion – 1 pc.;
mayonnaise – 150 g;
parsley – a bunch.

How to make a New Year’s cake-salad.

So that the culinary product fully lives up to its name – salad cake, zucchini will help to recreate a rounded shape, and cream will replace ordinary mayonnaise.

Let’s prepare our members. Carrots and eggs should be boiled, chicken thighs should be fried.

After removing the skin from the zucchini, cut long plates. It is necessary to cut along the zucchini. Zucchini blanks are dipped in salted water for 15 minutes. After that, dry them by laying them out on a towel, and fry them.

Here are our finished products.

Let’s move on to the second stage of preparation. We rub the eggs on a fine grater, and together, both the white and the yolk. We will do the same with one carrot. We will need the second one to decorate and form the bottom of the salad. Chop the meat and a small onion into small cubes. You can start creating a New Year’s dish. Line the bottom and sides of a deep plate or form with strips of zucchini, smear with mayonnaise.

The first layer is half of chopped carrots covered with mayonnaise. We will cover the bottom of our zucchini structure with it.

On top – a layer of chicken meat.

Then – mayonnaise, onion, meat and again mayonnaise on top. In general, layers can be applied arbitrarily.

Cover the meat part with the second half of the chopped carrot and mayonnaise.

The last layer is eggs. Add salt, pepper, pour mayonnaise.

Lightly press the ingredients of the salad and cover with zucchini tails, and cover the uncovered bottom with carrot slices.

Put the structure in this form in the refrigerator for an hour. During this time we will make decorations. From the remaining carrots, we cut thin strips, from which we will form roses. Chop parsley (or any other) greens. Cover the dish with the finished salad with a flat plate and quickly turn it over. Our salad cake will show itself in all its beauty and without decorations.

Decorate the center of the cake with greens and carrot decorations, sprinkle the edges of the plate with greens. And with an ordinary salad, the purpose of which is the daily menu, you can not only decorate the festive table, but also lift the mood, create an atmosphere of celebration of the moment.

In addition, the salad turned out not only beautiful, but also very delicate in taste and with a rather appetizing cut.

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