New Year s dessert Fruit Carnival recipe with photo

I once tasted something similar, and I liked it. Therefore, maybe I will prepare such a dessert for the New Year. Only I think that too much sugar is recommended here, I want to try to cook it without sugar at all, because syrup and chocolate will be enough to make it sweet enough.

I’m already thinking about dishes for the New Year’s table. Before, I just cut the fruit and then mixed everything with sour cream. Basically, it was delicious. But now I want to diversify the New Year’s table with this recipe – I’m sure it will be delicious. And about sugar – you have to try it, everything will be intuitively clear in the preparation process!

  • Pears in puff pastry
  • “Stained glass” cake
  • Refreshing lemon ice cream
  • Chocolate baskets made of pancakes
  • Dessert “Santa”

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