New Year s salad with chicken – a recipe with a photo

Today we will prepare a delicious, hearty and beautifully decorated salad for the New Year’s table. We recommend preparing this salad for the New Year.

chicken fillet – 100-150 g;
boiled potatoes – 1 pcs.;
hard cheese – 100 g;
fresh cucumber – 1 pc.;
boiled eggs – 3-5 pcs.;
garlic – 2 cloves;

To decorate:
boiled sausage – 1 pc.;

The process of making a salad for the New Year.

Cut the boiled chicken fillet. Then we cut it.

Wash the fresh cucumber and cut it into cubes.

Cut boiled potatoes.

Boil the eggs, cut them in half and remove the yolk.

Grate hard cheese.

Rub 2 boiled eggs.

We put our prepared products in a common bowl: chicken fillet, cucumbers, grated eggs, potatoes, mayonnaise and mix. We leave it aside for now.

Now squeeze the garlic into the yolks, add mayonnaise, salt and mix. We will stuff our proteins with this mixture. It turned out like this.

Arrange the salad in a form. We put our stuffed squirrels on top, and we, in turn, decorate them in the form of piglets. For decoration, we used boiled sausage and black peppercorns.

Done! Happy holidays to you!

Also watch the YouTube video of how to make this recipe “New Year’s salad with chicken” at this link

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