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Recently, she decided to experiment and added apples to the usual composition of the famous Olivier. In the end, the taste got a special highlight.

large apple – 1 pc.;
potatoes – 300 g;
canned peas – 150 g;
pickled cucumbers – 3 medium ones;
doctor’s sausage – 200 g;
chicken eggs – 3 large;
small bulb – 1 pc.;
mayonnaise – to taste;
salt – to taste.

Method of cooking Olivier.

1. Boil potatoes and eggs (separately) in advance. Cool down. 2. Cut the sausage (preferably without pieces of fat) into small, uniform pieces.

3. Chop the eggs with a knife.

4. Cut each potato into small cubes.

6. Crumble the pickles.

7. Prepare peas. The liquid must be drained.

8. Cut the apple into small pieces (leave the skin).

9. Put everything in a sufficiently capacious bowl. It is more convenient to send each component there immediately after grinding.

10. Add salt, mayonnaise. If desired, you can season it a little with black pepper (ground). Mix well.

Olivier with apples will soak well and become as tasty as possible if, after making, it stands in a cool place for at least two hours. It is not recommended to use too sour fruits. Sweet apples with a delicate, thin skin fit harmoniously here. You can serve it to the table in a common, large salad bowl, or take a small bowl (not very deep), fill it to the brim, and tamp the salad a little. After that, put a flat dish on top (in which the salad will be served) and carefully turn it over. The result should be such a beautiful slide.

For this purpose, wide tea cups or small plastic forms (from seaweed salad, etc.) are also suitable.

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